Initial Consultation ::


Adjustments are gentle and enjoyable at WellWellWell. Your first appointment at WellWellWell takes approximately 1hr 15min.  This visit includes detailed discussion and examination of your health history/concerns and a thorough assessment of your body, symptoms, and areas of concern.

During the initial consult we will identify areas of built up stress and tension in your body and make recommendations to you about how to get the results you are looking for.

The first visit costs $150 for adults, $130 for full time students and concession (health card holders) and $110 for children (16 years and under).

Ongoing visits can be purchased individually, or in groups of ten visits at a discounted rate.

Ongoing Visits ::

Ongoing appointments last approximately 15 minutes and cost between $36 and $65 depending on your price category.  We have a discount rate for full time students and seniors.  You can purchase 10 visits in advance to lower your average visit price.

To book an appointment please phone 02 9264 5885 or click the 'book now' button.

Emergencies ::

In urgent situations, Dr Euan can be contacted on 0434 886 221.