Disc Problems, Spine Pain and Chiropractic

Does pain have to be present to indicate an unhealthy spine and nervous system?

The Research clearly says NO!

A study in the European Spine Journal showed the following findings in a group with no current or previous back or neck pain ::

Disc Protrusion : present in 87% of subjects
Disc Degeneration : present in 73% of subjects
Disc Annular Tear : present in 63% of subjects

(click here to read the full abstract online)
NONE of these subjects had any neck or back pain yet their discs were significantly damaged or worn.

What do we understand from this? Well, pain is often the last thing to show up!

The study concludes that symptoms do not need to be present in order to have an underlying problem. People often neglect their spine and nervous system because they do not experience any physical pain and turn to an initial ‘easy’ solution in the form of drugs and then more harmful and potentially risky surgeries when pain finally does arrive.

The spine plays a vital of role in the health of all body functions, especially because the spine houses and protects the Nervous System. From heart function and digestion to immunity and reproduction, the nervous system coordinates every thought, feeling, action and function. The spine is a vital component to optimal health that needs careful evaluation and lifelong maintenance.

Pain will manifest as a final alarm that something is very wrong within the body.

Chiropractors work to proactively support and maintain your spine and nervous system health. Our proactive and preventative approach to your health is grounded in the simple understanding that an incredible power exists within the body to flourish and heal.

Evidence shows that its very common to have a spine problem without any symptoms. At WellWellWell Sydney we utilise a unique gentle style of Chiropractic called Network Care to ensure your spine and nervous system are at their very best - not just if you're in pain! You can receive all of the benefits of Chiropractic WITHOUT the harsh crack.

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