Chiropractic for Kids? What does the research say?

In 2003, a Scottish Medical Doctor, Francis Smith performed MRI studies on the spines of 154 ten-year old kids. He was looking for kids with spinal stenosis (a serious spinal problem) to check for statistically related causes. He was not looking specifically for degenerative changes in the spines of these children.

But what he found was staggering ::

9% of 10 year-olds with spinal degeneration and no symptoms.

Another study published in 2015 showed that ::

37% of 20 year-olds had spinal degeneration and no symptoms.

Fixation (or locking of the spinal joints) is one of the most significant causes of spinal degeneration. This is one of the key components of spinal dysfunction that Chiropractors are working to resolve in Children and Adults of all ages.

Another study in 2004 evaluated what happens when small sections of vertebrae were intentionally fixed together with a specifically engineered fixation device. The same findings appeared - fixation significantly increases the degenerative process (references below).

What we know through research:

  • Vertebral fixation (spinal bone locking) creates degenerative changes in the joints of the spine.
  • Kids as young as 10 years old are found to have spinal degeneration without pain.
  • The longer the fixation is present, the worse the degeneration becomes.
  • Chiropractic care can reduce the degenerative process by increasing movement and reducing fixations.

For decades, Chiropractors have reasoned that the simple benefits of increased motion, improved posture, and reduced risk of degeneration are reason enough that all children and adults be checked by a Chiropractor.

This purely mechanical view of the human body limits what Chiropractic care is capable of. Our job as Chiropractors is to improve the function of your Nervous System by interacting with and adjusting the spine.

It just makes sense that the ‘master control system’ of your body should be kept at it’s best. In essence, this is why Chiropractors believe every man, woman and child should at least visit the Chiropractor to see how their spine and nerve system health could be improved.

At WellWellWell Sydney, Dr Euan practices an extremely gentle style of Chiropractic known as Network Care. This means you and your child can receive all of the benefits of Chiropractic without the harsh crack.

For more information on Gentle Chiropractic for kids, click here.

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