Never seen a Chiropractor before? Read this first!

You probably realise there is no one restaurant in the world that is the same, no hairdresser, massage therapist, medical doctor, Acupuncturist or Chiropractor, not one is the same.

Having been a practising Chiropractor for the last 13 years, I have seen many people with very different goals around what they would like to achieve as a result of seeing a Chiropractor.

One of the first things you need to know before visiting a Chiropractor is why you are going.

Are you going in just for a quick fix?

Chiropractic over the years has built a reputation synonymous with cracking and popping of the spine (known as an adjustment). However the true focus of Chiropractic is firmly grounded in maximising overall health.

Chiropractic adjustments can be truly life changing for many patients, boosting bodily functions, improving posture, decreasing tension, increasing adaptability and flexibility in the body, and helping people feel and be more 'well'.

Although some patients regard Chiropractors as a quick fix, to crack the spine back into place when there is a problem so it instantly feels better, the real focus of Chiropractic is on maximising your health.

Many people don't realise that Chiropractors are trained to the same level of anatomy, diagnosis, pathology, and clinical management as medical doctors (GPs).

Also, many different types of Chiropractor exist from the more ‘manual’ approaches using 'heavier' adjustments done by hand or using instruments, but other much more gentle techniques have emerged in Chiropractic over the last 40 years, so patients that are not well suited to more manual methods can still get all of the benefits of Chiropractic (without the crack).

Here are some obvious things you should expect when you see a chiropractor for the first time:

Filling out paperwork:

It is vitally important that the Chiropractor understands the unique needs of every patient. This initial information helps us determine what is going on with your body, give clear recommendations, and leads us into the next part of the initial consultation, your examination.

Spine and nervous system examination:

This is the hands on part of the consultation, where the Chiropractor will figure out what is going on with your spine, nerves, any related structures so you can better understand any symptoms that may be annoying you.

People often turn up at the Chiropractor's office wanting less of something; less headaches, less back pain, less tension, less stress.

In my experience, and dotted along the historic timeline of chiropractic as a profession, many patients come in with an expectation of a particular condition changing, and end up with a much bigger, and better overall change then they had expected. This change in functioning of the body is the result of the practitioner focusing on helping someone to heal from within.

If you are seeking a healthy spine, more energy and vitality, a better quality of life or if you just simply want to get less of a particular symptom, feel free to give us a call and chat about what it is that you would like more or less of.

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Whether you’re stressed, in pain, or wanting to reach your highest potential, you can benefit from the gentle, non-manipulative form of Chiropractic known as Network Care (or Network Spinal Analysis) offered at WellWellWell Sydney.