Stress! Change how you handle it.

From high stress jobs, rotten relationships and money problems, to stresses on our body like eating badly, exposure to pollution or sitting at desks for long periods of time, stress comes in many different forms and affects each of us in different ways. Network Care can help!


It can take years, sometimes decades for stress to build up as layers of tension in your body.  When stress and tension accumulate, they effectively ‘stall’ your bodies ability to function at its best.  With every extra strain on your body’s systems, more energy is required to perform normal everyday tasks.  Commonly, as tensions increase people notice more aches and pains, less energy, poor sleep and concentration and decreased flexibility throughout the spine and body.  These are all well known effects of stress.

When stress and strain have taken their toll over longer periods (often called ‘Chronic) the brain and nervous system can become stuck in a defensive state or ‘stress mode’.  Simply put, the body does its best to compensate for all the built up stress and tension, making modifications and changes to adapt to the built up stress.  In this state, people often report feeling 'constantly on alert’, permanently stressed, tense (in body or mind), as well as impaired digestion, scattered thoughts, sometimes panic and an impaired ability to disengage or ‘let go’.

If your body is stuck in ‘stress mode’ your thoughts may race and you’ll find it hard to switch off, relax and sleep.  Dealing with current and future challenges gets harder and harder.  You can end up feeling wound up, overwhelmed, numb, depleted, or at worst anxious and possibly depressed. Sometimes you may not even know you are stressed, it may feel normal to you, but friends and family will usually be the first to notice and comment: 'you look stressed... are you ok?'.

At WellWellWell we use a powerful technique called Network Care which is designed to help bring your body and mind out of ‘stress mode’.  As you release tension from your body and learn how to adapt to and manage stress better you’ll start noticing you’re more able to meet life’s challenges, thrive in stressful situations, and ‘let go’ and relax with ease.  Network Care has been found to support calmer, more 'centred' and peaceful states that can help you to feel better and enjoy what’s important in your life.  Click here for more info on 'Research and how it works'.

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