Dr Euan uses a Specific Gentle Chiropractic method known as Network Care. Our job is to help your body rebalance, heal, release stored stress and tension, and to boost poor energy levels associated with Chronic Fatigue. Treatments are tailored to your specific needs and they are very gentle and relaxing.

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Fatigue can be defined as a normal response to physical exertion or emotional stress. Normal fatigue over longer periods of time can lead to more chronic and severe symptoms (often referred to as Prolonged Fatigue, Adrenal Exhaustion or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)). The wide spectrum of symptoms and sometimes more disabling effects of CFS means that some patients can lead relatively normal lives, while others are bedridden.

Other symptoms can occur as a result of Long-Term Fatigue. These symptoms include recurrent sore throats, muscle pain, back pain, tender lymph nodes, variable patterns of headaches and poor memory and concentration.

Each person with Chronic Fatigue and associated symptoms is unique and must be treated as such.

At WellWellWell, your initial consultation is designed to help us understand the types of symptoms you may be experiencing.  After reviewing your history and symptoms we conduct a detailed analysis of your spine and nerve system to highlight likely areas of stored stress and tension.  After these imbalances have been identified, we can get to work to help you get back on top of your symptoms and your life.

Our aim is to help you cope better with the everyday challenges that a condition like Chronic Fatigue can produce. We have had great success with a range of different Chronic Fatigue cases and the adjustments at WellWellWell are extremely gentle and relaxing.

It takes just one visit to know how we can help.

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