Dr Euan uses a Specific Gentle Chiropractic method known as Network Care. This very gentle method teaches your body to release built up stress and tension, and clears interference from the nerve system to dramatically boost your energy levels.

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Poor sleep, concentration and memory, anxiety, low energy, fibromyalgia, tension, chronic pain syndromes and depression have all been linked to high stress levels.

The greater stress you are under, the more energy is required from your body to maintain itself while under pressure.  Stress builds up over time, as tension in the body.  These stresses/tensions restrict motion, tighten muscles, raise blood pressure, change posture, increase your susceptibility to back pain, neck pain, headaches and further injury. 

Sometimes the only symptom of stress may be lowered general energy or a loss of vitality.

All of the changes your body undergoes due to stress require more energy than they give back.  This is precisely why stress, can lower your energy levels.

At WellWellWell we offer tailored, personal care to help you balance your energy levels and restore your body to greater wellness.

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