If you have been suffering along with nasty headaches, migraines or other aches and pains, Network Care is a very specific gentle Chiropractic approach that can be tailored to your help you with your specific headache symptoms.

Headaches can be irritating -  contact us  to find out how we can help you

Headaches can be irritating - contact us to find out how we can help you

Migraine & Headaches can be severe and debilitating. We are here to help. At WellWellWell, our goal is to help you resolve not only your symptoms but the underlying causes of the symptoms also. For headache and migraine sufferers, head position, neck pain and restriction, build up of tension around the neck, skull, jaw and shoulders can all influence pain levels and symptoms.

For over 120 years, Chiropractors have helped millions of people around the world deal with head and neck pain symptoms. A large number of headaches and migraines can be associated with problems in the spine that can often be helped using gentle Chiropractic methods.

Many patients suffering from headache and migraine prefer more gentle, comfortable treatments for their condition. We use one of the most gentle approaches within Chiropractic known as Network Care. Dr Euan uses specific pressures along the spine to help your body relax and realign. Breath and gentle movements are part of the process in helping your body unwind built up tensions, misalignments and other problems that may be inhibiting your ability to deal with your headache or migraine symptoms.

Problems with the head, neck and spine are easily identified and sometimes easily fixed. Don't suffer with debilitating symptoms.

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