Network Care is a gentle method of Chiropractic that teaches your body how to self-correct, dissipate, integrate and release tensions on its own. This is an ability you will learn over a series of visits and have for the rest of your life.

Network Care is a powerful technology to help you combat stress & symptoms, while improving spinal and bodily functions.

Practitioners use very gentle, specific touches to areas of your spine where your stress and tensions attach. Through these gentle touches practitioners bring your brain’s attention to areas that are holding on to tension, and encourage your body to release it.

When the nerve system is freed from interference caused by misalignment or tensions on the spine and nerves, then the body can achieve a higher form of healing and alignment.

During adjustments you will find yourself naturally wanting to move and breathe differently as your body learns to let go of stress and tension more effectively. Once tensions diminish, your body’s powerful self-healing abilities are re-established. Technically, two types of natural body waves, one ‘respiratory’ and one ‘somatopsychic’, develop uniquely in Network Care. These waves dissipate tension and reorganise the functioning of the spine and nervous system. This is a skill you will learn over a series of visits. You will keep this skill for the rest of your life.

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Network Care - Research

Research has found that Network Care doubles the benefits of other healthy lifestyle practices (eg yoga, exercise, meditation, etc) and leads to a greater ability to make healthy lifestyle choices. According to research, there seems to be no limit to how much people can improve. Because it is so gentle, Network Care is also suitable for infants, children, pregnant women, older people and those suffering from trauma and chronic conditions.

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Retrospective Study of Network Care ::

A large scale study of 2,818 patients receiving Network care in the United States and around the world, demonstrated that Network care is associated with profound and statistically significant improvement in self-reported wellness areas. Significant changes were reported in the following areas ::

Physical Well Being Improvements ::

reduced pain
improved spinal flexibility
more energy less fatigue
fewer cold and flu symptoms
fewer headaches

    Stress Improvements ::

    greater overall health and general well-being
    improved ability to cope with daily problems
    improved family relationships
    improved significant relationships
    reduction in work stress

    Life Enjoyment Improvements ::

    openness to guidance by inner feelings
    increased relaxation and well-being
    increased positive feelings about self
    increased interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle
    increased feeling of openness when relating to others
    greater compassion for others

    Emotional & Psychological Wellbeing Improvements ::

    less distress about physical pain
    more positive feelings about self
    decreased moodiness
    improved temper
    fewer angry outbursts
    less depression and more interest in life
    fewer concerns about ‘small’ things
    improved ability to concentrate
    less anxiety

    Overall Quality of Life Improvements ::

    personal life self-awareness
    increased ability to adapt to change
    better handling of ‘problems’ in life
    greater satisfaction with accomplishments in life
    improved overall contentment with life
    enhanced job satisfaction
    greater satisfaction with romantic life
    increased satisfaction with actual work done
    improved relationship with co-workers
    greater satisfaction with physical appearance

    Source :: Reference: Blanks, RH; Boone, WR; Schmidt, S; Dobson, M; Network Care: A retrospective outcomes assessment. 1996 Dobson, M; Boone WR; Blanks, RH; Women and Alternative Health Care: A retrospective study of recipients of Network Care. 1996.

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