Suffering with the effects of stress, overwhelm, panic and anxiety is never pleasant. We offer a drug free, natural method of treatment that assists your body to calm itself. Our job is to teach your body to release built up stress and tension to allow your body the 'space' to deal with life in a more calm relaxed fashion. Network Care is a gentle, powerful approach to calming the body and the nerve system. (See Research)

Stress can be defined as having to deal with one more thing than you are comfortably able to.

High stress levels, whether at work or home, real or imagined, produce a physiological state in the body known as the "fight - flight" or "stress" response.  The stress response, tightens muscles (especially spinal), rounds the shoulders and makes breathing shallow. It also diminishes blood and oxygen flow to the parts of the brain responsible for relaxation, clear thinking, creativity and personal growth. 

In our busy lives, we often find ourselves with a huge list of tasks, but not enough time.  It's not a busy life that is the problem.  Problems arise when your body and brain become 'stuck' in a stress response, making a busy life harder to manage.  Even low level stress over a longer period of time can create a "stress pattern" in your body and your life.

The care we offer is designed to help you release tension from your body and learn how to adapt to and manage the stress better so you don't take it home to your loved ones.  We’ll help you release tension from your spine and nervous system so that you can eventually decrease your stress and tension levels quickly, naturally and sustainably on your own.

It takes just one visit to know how we can help.

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