If you have been suffering along with tight muscles & joints, high tensions or other aches and pains, Network Care is a very specific gentle Chiropractic approach that can help you with your troubling symptoms.

Excess tension is an indicator that the body is not functioning at its best.

Over time in response to stress or as a result from trauma, tension can build up in the body. When the body gets stuck or locked in a stress response, this can show up as excess tension, decreased flexibility, less energy, diminished clarity of thought, and even poor decision making. Stress causes a whole body response and therefore has whole body effects.

Built up stress and tension causes extra pressure around the spine and joints. These pressures can lead to pain, inflammation and degeneration of joints, but they wont always cause pain. Tension is one of those things that can build up in the body over time, and go completely unnoticed.

During your first visit to WellWellWell, Gentle Chiropractor Dr Euan McMillan will let you know how your body’s stress response, and built up tensions may be affecting your overall health and wellbeing.

It's surprising how much better you can feel when your body 'let's go' for the first time in a long time.

It takes just one visit to know how we can help.

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