B.Chiro, B.Sc (Psych), ACP  -  Chiropractor, Network Practitioner

Euan graduated from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic in 2003 as the youngest graduating Chiropractor in New Zealand.  Euan concurrently studied at Auckland University, achieving a Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 2001. 

Upon graduating, Euan established his own Network Care practice in Auckland before moving to Sydney in 2005.  Euan has been in private practice in Sydney since 2005.  During this time he has served a 2-year term on the executive board of the NSW branch of the Chiropractor’s Association of Australia and in 2016, Euan was appointed to the Chiropractic Association of Australia, Council of Representatives.

Dr Euan is one of only a handful of Network Practitioners in NSW, and at the time of his Network Care Certification (in 2004) Euan was the youngest fully qualified Network practitioner in the world.

In 2017, Dr Euan completed the prestigious Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers (ACP) Thesis and was admitted to the Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers, from both Sherman (USA) and NZ Colleges of Chiropractic.

Euan has had the honour of caring for the developer of Network Care, Dr Donald Epstein and also the celebrity coach Tony Robbins, when they have visited Sydney.

In his time outside of WellWellWell, Euan can be found at the gym, practising yoga, meditating, playing the piano (occasionally singing), dabbling with acrylic paint on canvas, sharing a meal with friends, or playing with his dogs.

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